Mindfulness Teambuilding Away Day

Companies are different. They have different cultures and they face different challenges. But, one thing is similar across all companies and organisations; mental health and stress at work plays a massive part in their success, or failure.


We now know that poor mental health is the main contributor to absenteeism. We know that people who are suffering from stress at work are much less productive, less engaged and less motivated.


The opposite is true though. High performing teams that work well together are healthy, safe, productive and motivated.


So how do we develop high performing teams that are healthy and safe?


The first step on the journey is education. Leaders, managers and employees need to know how and why poor wellbeing exists, and they need to know how to fix the problem. Leaders need to be aware of their leadership style and how this may be impacting.


Education can be done in many ways.


We have found an award-winning way that works.


We call it the WELL concept. And it all starts with an amazing team away day.


From sports teams to production teams, and from sales to finance, teams make the difference. We have created a WELL teambuilding day to help teams perform better, to educate and to have fun.


Our WELL concept blends four important aspects together, to produce something that will definitely make a difference.




cognitive behavioural therapy

clinical hypnotherapy

life coaching





relationship problems

abuse and domestic violence

resilient workplaces

team building

leadership team building






We start the day with some work, something that has been agreed prior to the away day. Some clients use it to determine a wellbeing strategy while others like to use it to set team objectives.




Prior to the away day, delegates complete a FIRO psychometric questionnaire and we use this to look at inter-relationships within the team so that better engagement might be found.




The third session of the day is about learning, specifically about mental health, wellbeing, the impact of leadership style and how to promote a healthy environment.




And the last part of the day is about having some fun. We have a series of activities aimed at demonstrating how mindfulness really works and how essential an element it is in high performing teams.

Our clients have found our teambuilding away day a great way to get teams working together, in a way that raises self-awareness and in a way to helps educate about wellbeing and mental health at work.


If you would like to find out more, or to discuss how our Mindfulness Teambuilding Away Day could work for your organisation, please contact us.