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Stress Busting Mindfulness


This short course, run over three evenings, will help you relax. The course will equip you with the skills you need to help beat stress.


What you will learn:


  • What is stress, and how does it affect your emotional and physical wellbeing
  • How does the mind work, and how does it process information
  • The science behind mindfulness
  • The conscious and unconscious mind
  • What is mindfulness all about
  • How does meditation work, and how does it affect the brain
  • The physiological benefits of meditation
  • Different types of meditation
  • Breathing techniques and diaphragm breathing
  • Using triggers to help beat anxiety


As well as the theory, you will learn several different meditation techniques. Your instructor will show you how each technique works and you will have an opportunity to practice deep relaxation.


From breath-control meditation to third-eye techniques, each technique will be explained and practiced in a safe environment.


At the end of the course you will have learned several meditation techniques so that you can chose which one is best for you.


Learning deep relaxation techniques can offer wonderful results.


Start your relaxation journey by booking a place on our next Stress Busting Mindfulness course.


Courses run from 6.30 to 8.30pm in our therapy centre at 69 Dee Street, Aberdeen. The course costs £36 and can be paid by debit or credit card.




March 11, 18 and 25

April 1, 8 and 15

June 10,17 and 24


Call or email to book a place on our next course.


01224 953104





These courses are not in any way affiliated to a particular religion. Meditation is open to all, regardless of faith. There will be no chanting nor will there be obscure yoga moves! You sit on a chair and relax.


Courses are taught by our trainer who is a qualified psychologist.





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