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Neuro-Linguistic Programming


Our NLP Practitioner training course provides delegates with skills that can be used in their daily lives, in business and to help with their personal development.


NLP techniques are popular because they are incredibly practical and adaptable for use at work, in business and in everyday life.


Our NLP Coaching course builds on the Practitioner training and provides delegates with the most powerful coaching techniques available today. This course is popular with our business clients because it teaches coaches to teach NLP within their own companies.


NLP is based on key beliefs and pillars, which we cover in detail on our courses. These are:


  • empowering to alter your life
  • the fundamentals of goal-setting
  • learning the foundations of rapport and influencing
  • using language effectively
  • active listening
  • anchoring and controlling feelings
  • resolving inter-group conflict
  • personal congruency


Our courses are suitable for anyone who wants to development themselves for better personal performance. The Practitioner course is particularly good for team leaders, supervisors, managers and executives. Delegates will learn how teams function and how to get the very best from people.


Safety professionals can use NLP to coach and to lead for improved human performance.


Our Coaching course is ideal for those who want to develop further and to conduct NLP courses in-house.



managing change

behavioural safety

improving performance


improving team performance

better sales performance

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