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Mental health first aid training course


Our two-day MHFA course aims to teach the practical skills needed for delegates to help provide emotional support in the workplace.


Mental health at work is an important topic. More and more employees are suffering from stress and anxiety, and sometimes being at work can tip the balance.


If a person were to cut their finger while at work, they would probably visit the first aider who might give them a plaster and send them on their way.


If a person were to be nearing emotional disaster while at work, where would they go?


How many first aiders would know how to treat a person who is in need of emotional support?


This course will provide delegates with the necessary skills to help people in need of emotional support. Often, it is just about listening, but listening in a meaningful and non-judgemental way.


Our course teaches delegates how to listen 'actively' and how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental distress.


What delegates will learn on the two-day course:


  • What is mental first aid
  • What is mental ill-health and emotional upset?
  • The mental health first aid action plan
  • Depression; causes, signs and symptoms
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Active listening; what is it and how do you do it?
  • Anxiety and how it can manifest at work
  • Acute psychosis and how to help
  • Personality disorders
  • Cognitive disorders and cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Crisis first aid
  • How to be a mental health first aider


Our course is taught by psychologists and counsellors.








work-related psychosis

warning signs of depression

alcohol and drugs

suicide and desperation

crisis first aid

mental health