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Family and Relative Support Service


We hope it never happens, but sometimes it does.


How do you tell relatives and love-ones that a serious accident, or even worse, has happened?


The police, of course, will carry out initial notifications to the next-of-kin when a sudden death occurs, or when there has been an injury likely to result in death. If a person is missing while at work, the police will talk to the family.


But what about after initial notifications have been made?


What next?


How does your company or organisation support the family?


Have you trained your representatives how to speak to the family and how to support them over the days, weeks and months following a work-related incident?


There is a saying in psychology that goes:


Get the initial contact right and the family will greatly benefit from the support, but get the initial contact wrong and the family will remember and talk about it forever.


Supporting families


Our Family and Relative Support Service provides two important roles. Firstly, we can train relative responders so that they are equipped with the skills needed to provide support to the family. We don't attempt to turn them into counsellors, but we do try to provide them with the right approach.


Secondly, we have trained counsellors who are on standby to accompany representatives when they visit the family. The counsellors won't interfere with the process, they will simply be there to provide support to the relative responder and to the family. Our counsellors will debrief the responder afterwards, just to make sure their wellbeing is in the right place.


Workplace deaths are on the increase. Whether it is through accidents or natural causes, the families of your employees need support when the unthinkable happens.


Because sometimes it does happen.












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