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Workplace stress costs money and it costs lives.


High staff turnover, illness, loss of production and poor morale are all factors associated with stress at work.


More and more pressures are being put on business leaders, management and supervision. Therefore, it is essential that employers build a resilient organisation.


We don't train leaders to do their job, but we do work with them to help them do their job well.


Sometimes organisational changes can be stressful. Motivation can suffer. Companies often have to change to sustain their business. Change doesn't have to be painful.


Accidents don't just happen. Often they happen through poor behaviour.


Our counselling service is available on a 24/7 basis. Whether a leader wants to talk through an issue or an employee wants to discuss a personal problem, our corporate counsellor can be there to help. Everything we do is treated as strictly confidential.


We have programs to help companies deal with organisational change, so that change can take place successfully and without harm.


We have behavioural safety programs to help fix poor safety performance. And we have programs to help coach and mentor leadership and management.

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