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How to build mental health resilience in the workplace


A six-stage approach that companies should use to help them build a safe and healthy working environment.


Does the carrot and stick approach still work?


How do you motivate employees; give them autonomy, allow them to be master and give them purpose.


Meditation at the Samye Ling International Centre


Samye Ling was the first Tibetan Buddhist centre in the west, located in the Scottish borders.


Can you beat stress with a wellbeing device?


Do these devices actually help us to monitor and beat stress, or are they just an expensive accessory?


Get rid of toxic people from your life


Do you have colleagues at work who drain the energy from you. Learn how to cope with toxic people.


If you change nothing, nothing will change


Sometimes it can be difficult to keep motivated, especially if you want to change something in your life.


Magicians, pick-pockets and successful people: the power of NLP


What do magicians, pick-pockets and successful people have in common? They all know how to use NLP.