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Modern life can be hectic. Much more is demanded of us in today's world than ever before. At work and at home, the pressures of life can often get too much.


At some stage in our lives we all experience stress or anxiety. Pressure is good for us, but when we have more pressure than we can cope with, stress can become a serious problem.


If you work for a company and looking to develop your wellbeing and mental health at work strategy, we can help. Our experienced organisational psychologists and counsellors have helped our clients across the UK and internationally.


Our leadership coaching and mentoring service is popular, and our corporate counselling operates on a 24/7 basis, providing valuable employee assistance when needed.


If you are an individual who is looking for counselling or therapy, we are here to help. Our counselling service is open to all because talking through your issues can often be just the thing to help with your anxiety or worries.


We train therapists too. Our Wellbeing Practitioner training course and support package has helped many therapists get started in their careers.


Whether you are from a company or an individual, the first step is to contact us for a discussion.



corporate services


for individuals


Get help and support from a counsellor?


Do you need emotional support? Someone to listen? Our trained counsellors are on hand to listen and provide vital emotional support when it is needed most.


Mental health first aid training for employees


Who do your employees turn to when they need emotional support? Train MHFA champions to help provide support and advice.


Improve your performance with NLP


Neuro-linguistic training is ideal for managers, sales teams, coaches and anyone who wants to improve their performance.


How to build mental health resilience in the workplace


A six-stage approach that companies should use to help them build a safe and healthy working environment.


Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness Course for Managers


Often, mental ill health at work is caused by the style of leadership. Sometimes, managers and supervisors don't how their style affects people.


Are you suffering from post traumatic stress disorder?


It doesn't have to be a major event for someone to suffer from PTSD. Witnessing an accident or crime can trigger symptoms.


Do you have biases that you didn't know you have? Watch the video to find out more.